Anecdote workshop schedule for 2008

Anecdote has released its workshop schedule for 2008. Check out the full schedule. The next workshop in Melbourne is Narrative Techniques for Business on Wednesday, 27 February.

About Narrative Techniques for Business

Surveys and metrics can uncover trouble in an organisation, but they usually don’t help you identify the reasons for dysfunctions, let alone generate the resolve to springboard people into action.  Instead, learn to use stories as listening posts and tap into the emotion to spark action. In the Narrative Techniques for Business workshop you will learn:

• How to find and collect stories
• How to make sense of the stories, and then
• How to design interventions that improve how things work

Participants practice each step in the process with one another and receive feedback that improves their understanding and ability to work with organisational stories.


The cost for a one-day workshops is $495 (early bird discounts apply, see website for details).

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