Where are you now?

This is where we used to sit. It still feels the same after all these years.

I didn’t know what love was then – I didn’t understand my feelings.

We are still the same people. But we have changed in so many ways.

We did meet again since then – years ago now. But somehow we just didn’t connect. Why do those parts that once connected seem to just die when we part?  I can’t even remember when we parted – or why.

Was it on a day like this? Mild and sunny? Or was it a grey day. A day with rain and sadness.

This place will soon be gone. Redeveloped. Where will we be then?  Where will you be?

Why does it all come back to me now, visiting this place again after all these years?

The bricks are warm against my back as I sit here now. There is a seat here now.  When we sat here together then, we sat on the concrete. We sat close together. A furtive touching of hands.  Skin touching skin – the first exploration of love. Although I don’t remember that we ever called it that at the time.

Where are you now?


  1. Hello Keith,
    I was on the web and found the photos and your blog. Wow looking at all the photos certainly bring back lots of memories, some wonderful and some that still hurt just a little. I now have 3 teenagers of my own and I see the same highs and lows in their lives but I am mum and I just would not understand, but I do know now more than ever but they have their own journey. I missed the reunion too and it would have been nice to have visited CHS just one more time and let the teachers see we all did OK after High School. Mrs Runciman, Mrs Bridges, Mr Peel it would have been wonderful to say hi. It is hard to remember all the people and their names but that time in our lives certainly had a large input into who we are today.
    Elaine Thomas (Chappell)
    CHS 1969-1975

  2. Hello Keith

    Just a quick note to say that I was a student at Colac High School (1971 – 1976)

    It was only by chance this evening that I came across the photos from the 2008 reunion and felt sad that I had missed the event. I was very suprised to find that I remembered quite a few of the names but the highlight was a photo of Bill Denning whom I remember quite fondly as my Form 6 Politics teacher & one of Mrs Bridges the head mistress whom I remember visiting on one or two occasions. What can I say… it must have been alot of fun “remembering the days of the old school yard”.
    Kind Regards
    Angela Tennant
    South Gisborne Victoria

  3. […] It was an interesting experience.  Trying to recognise people after all these years was particularly interesting.  Some of the school-ground and buildings seemed almost identical to what I remember.  Some of the buildings do seem much smaller than I remember, too!  The old back-stage lighting control room in the hall was boarded up! I spent many happy hours there… Some of the locations brought back poignant memories, one of which I have written about here.  […]

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