This site is the online personal blog of Keith De La Rue (delarue.net). It has also previously served as the home of AcKnowledge Consulting (acknowledgeconsulting.com). The title “The Indefinite Article” is used to indicate the eclectic nature of the content here. This was also the title of a regular column that I wrote for TableAus, the magazine of Australian Mensa, for seven years from 1998 to 2004. Some of the content of the 40 articles I wrote for the column is reproduced on this site.

About AcKnowledge Consulting

– To confess to knowing
– To admit to be true
– To indicate appreciation

The main focus of AcKnowledge Consulting is to bring together all of the (traditionally separate) threads of content management, communications and learning to assemble a coherent, program-managed knowledge transfer toolkit. A key element in putting this program into place is to manage the required behaviours of all participants for encouraging knowledge sharing.

AcKnowledge Consulting commenced operation in 2008, but as of 2022, is now no longer seeking new business.

Read more about previous consultancy work and conference presentations here, and view published documents here.

About this site

Over half of the workforce in Australia is now composed of “knowledge workers”.  These people work in jobs that depend more on what they know than on physical activity.  We are relying less on manual labour in factories, and more on using knowledge.

This site features posts and articles on the field of Knowledge Management, and related areas of human communication, learning, language, behaviour, life in general and the impacts of IT and communications technologies.

It also includes a range of other topics – little-known facts about a range of authors and others – Roald Dahl, Nevil Shute, Hedy Lamar, Ian Fleming and Peter Pinney.  There is a full bibliography and other information on the Australian author Ion Idriess.

Read some conjecture about boab trees and more.  Find out about big cats in Australia, and the De La Rue family genealogy.

Please also see the Old home page for the original content on this site. The original title of this site was “It’d take a lot of it to make a man laugh”.  Why?  See the first post here…

For more about the author of this site, see the Bio page.


  1. Keith,

    Great to see the change of tack. All the best in exploring your new path.

    Will catch up with you when I’m in Melbourne.


  2. Elliot – Thanks for the comment! It was good to catch up.I’m back home safely now, but look forward to getting over there again some time before too long…

  3. Dear Keith,

    It’s great to meet you again in Singapore. I am impressed in your innovation and resilience in enabling your sales organization to have close reach of the knowledge and tuning the knowledge into their learning and wisdom.

    All the best in your continous quest and thirst in knowledge management and learning.



  4. Craig –

    Thanks for the feedback! You have an interesting background – it is something I have often noticed with people in KM and related areas. Maybe working in this field is just a natural consequence of having a thirst for knowledge. There’s probably another blog post in that…

  5. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for directing me to you blog and website, apologies I can’t provide a web site or blog of my own, however its probably about time I set one up.

    Just to give you a bit of background to myself I have recently become a father to Scarlet Eliza, and have step daughter called Chelsea.

    I’ve just commenced work in OD @ telstra 5 weeks ago i have evolved from being a history school teacher to working in IT at AMP mostly managing IT Support Teams before moving into Learning and Change Management.

    I love bushwalking in Tasmania, and am quite intrigued to know the location of your banner image, and talk to you about Black Panthers.

    Thank you speak to you next week.


  6. I like your website, Keith! The banner with the forest is unique; the colours are enhanced. Hope that all is well since your return, and I will be calling on you to explore myriad opportunities for your field of expertise, around the Asia-Pacific region. I’ll be off to Taiwan in the 3rd week of March, and will be checking on leads. I have definitely much to learn about Knowledge Management. We share similar interests, and I love trivia. I’m sure that you are aware that beneath each bottlecap of Snapples drink, there is a Fun Fact or trivia. Speak to you soon, Mr Trivia!

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