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Twitter confessional

I am talking about Twitter at the First Tuesday Blog Club tomorrow night.  This may be an odd format for a blog post, but here are some of the ideas I […]

Twitter and the challenge of openness

I have posted on this blog about Twitter a number of times, and also written about it in one post at Digital Ministry. But as I foreshadowed there, there was one […]

The Twitter Agency

@SilkCharm (aka Laurel Papworth) has picked up on a certain organisation that is about to spend a large amount of money on marketing.  This led her to the idea of […]

Reasons to be Twitterful, Part 3

In addition to Twitter being an essential information-sourcing tool, and useful for people returning to work from an extended absence, it has also started to occur to me that I […]

Twitter as an important resource

“If only most companies realised the treasure trove of expertise and information that their employees would be able to access if they encouraged the use of such services.”  – Shane […]

The conversation continues

“Recent research has shown that conversation is important for improving innovation. It has also been found that conversation improves group and individual performance and knowledge sharing. This article will address […]

A series on Social Media

I recently wrote a series of three articles for Star News Group’s Business West magazine on Social Media. One of these is mentioned in the previous post here – now […]

Wildwood retreat

So just over a month ago – just after landing back from my few days in Brisbane – I spent a few days down at Wildwood Retreat in Pennyroyal Valley with twelve […]

The Business Adventure

Adventures are not adventures if there isn’t a degree of danger and uncertainty about them. – Ewan McGregor Adventure While in Blackwood this weekend, we drove into Trentham for a […]