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Trampoline presentation

I’ll be off to trampoline in just a few hours, with the intention of doing a presentation on “The Idea Monopoly?” I have blogged on […]

A Tale of Two Cafés

David Gurteen has recently posted an article comparing his Knowledge Café concept and World Café, which are similar processes, but with “some subtle but significant differences”. […]

Art of Conversation – article edition

Further to previous posts here on the transformative power of conversation – the Ignite presentation at KMLF, and the trampoline presentation – I have now also written […]

Wildwood retreat

So just over a month ago – just after landing back from my few days in Brisbane – I spent a few days down at Wildwood […]

Presentation – The Idea Monopoly?

“Nearly 60 percent of projects aimed at achieving business change do not fully meet their objectives.” – IBM, 2008. Why does this happen? As many […]

Realising Our BroadBand Future

Can’t believe I forgot to post to the blog for all of November!  At least I have something new to post now… The Government is […]


This page provides a list of published documents and presentations.  Primarily these are authored by Keith De La Rue.  Others are included here due to […]