The Innovation Conversation – Workshop

I am delivering a workshop on conversation at Ark Group’s KM Australia on 2 August this year. Here’s what it’s about:

The Innovation Conversation: All of us are smarter than any of us


Research has shown that conversation is important for improving innovation and collaboration. It has also been found that conversation improves group and individual performance, intelligence and knowledge sharing. This practical workshop will address some of the principles of innovation and how conversational techniques can be harnessed to improve business outcomes. You will also practice effective conversational techniques.

Come to this interactive workshop to learn about:

  • The five rules for more innovative conversations
  • How conversations increase collective intelligence
  • Improving innovation and group performance
  • Techniques for creating meaningful conversations
  • The importance of social media and online conversations

You can read more of the background in this chapter from the Ark Group report Innovation and Transformation Through Knowledge Management.

One comment

  1. Feedback in response to the question “What did you enjoy most about the workshop?”:
    – World café intro.
    – Group conversation and interaction.
    – The group conversations.
    – Great techniques and ideas to try and test.
    – Interesting insights on the influences for innovative conversations.
    – Conceptional framework and through provoking ideas/quotes.

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