The AcKnowledge Urban Challenge

Are you leading an organisation in Melbourne? Looking for a good, fun team-building event? How well do you know Melbourne? Try the AcKnowledge Urban Challenge!


What is it?

The AcKnowledge Urban Challenge is part race, part scavenger hunt and part puzzle. Armed with a clue sheet, map and a list of questions, your people will attempt to find locations and solve challenges across the Melbourne CBD, in teams of four to six, over two hours.

This event is a game of strategy that involves walking, teamwork and using collective brainpower to plan a route around the city. At the locations, they will solve puzzles – including trivia, history, mathematics, geography and observation – and perform a few light physical endeavours.

Why do it?

This is a great way to build new teams, develop leadership or get people communicating across team barriers. It can help to improve engagement and build a collaborative culture. It’s not just about competition – it’s about working together to solve problems, in a fun and relaxed environment.

Along the way, your people will discover places and facts around Melbourne that they never knew about before!

What have others said about it?

I received several comments from people telling me how much they enjoyed the event. The buzz lasted into [the next] week. Thanks for running our best event in years. The investment has been very worth while.

[Sending the challenge answers a week later has] reinvigorated people’s memories of the day and that’s a very positive thing.

– Andrew Mitchell, National ICT Manager, Urbis

How do I sign up?

Contact AcKnowledge Consulting!

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