Information Awareness Month

Later today I’m speaking at Knowledge transfer in a digital age – a free Information Awareness Month event in Melbourne, jointly promoted by a number of organisations in the “records, archives, library and information management community”.

I am presenting an updated version of the Knowledge Transfer Toolkit presentation – read more about the background on this site, including this recently published article. The outline of the presentation is as follows:

Building and managing a knowledge transfer program:

How do you encourage technical experts to share their knowledge with others in the organisation that need it to do their jobs? How do you maintain currency and accuracy? This case study presentation will explain how to build a successful knowledge transfer toolkit.

Topics include:

  • Encouraging knowledge-sharing behaviours
  • Building a program-managed multimedia toolkit, comprising content, communication, learning and social media
  • Governance – keeping content up to date
  • Engaging the target audience in improving content
  • Using social media principles to build trust and engagement

View or download the slide pack on SlideShare here.


  1. Cindy –

    No problem – glad you found it to be of use! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

    – Keith.

  2. Keith, great slide pack. I got some ideas out of it that I would like to implement in my organisation, despite the fact that it is not sales orientated. I appreciate you sharing.

  3. Hi Keith

    This is a very nice slide deck – it seems to have business focus and not just a KM practitioner focus

    I am grateful that you, like many of us, choose to use Slideshare – part of the knowledge community’s social capital

    Thanks so much

    KerrieAnne Christian

  4. Doug –

    I understand that privacy and security are important, but I am a little surprised at your comment. I have been using SlideShare to share slide packs for three years now, and I have never been given any reason to doubt their integrity.

    However, so far as I can see, you do not need to create an account, connect via Facebook or log in to view or download a slide pack on the site.

    Further, I have now embedded my slide pack into this post, so you can now view it here directly without even going to the SlideShare site. I hope you enjoy the presentation!

    – Keith

  5. I would love to view this presentation. However I will not be signing up to Slideshare, nor will I use my facebook account to access the content, not when the application is requesting access to my wall, friends, email and personal information.
    Knowledge Management and Social Media have their place, but personal privacy and security remains important to me. I strongly suggest you reconsider how you socialise content.

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