“Using social media” presentation

So, I delivered the workshop today – to three great participants!  The workshop was: Using social media to harness knowledge within an organisation: Addressing the challenges.  We all had a great time, and a good conversation! 

I have now also registered with SlideShare for the first time, and uploaded a (very slightly modified) version of the slide pack.  Not totally happy with the way it has been rendered, but it seems to be fairly readable.  It is also available for download.  Help yourself! And thanks to those who contributed…

Also had a great conversation with Ian Farmer of Bullseye.  Ian pointed me at a few interesting sites:

  • Free web meetings at Dimdim.
  • Social language learning at Livemocha.  This apparently provides two-way language learning – with real people.
  • How to draw maps using your GPS – and lots of other apps – at Fire Eagle.

Also got a good reference from elsua via Twitter for “Twelve Ways to Sell Social Media to Your Boss – Don’t Forget about Yourself!” This may be of particular interest to this morning’s participants!


  1. Solarmom –
    Thanks for your comment. I have only just become aware of this social media approach to language learning. It seems to make an awful lot of sense!
    – Keith

  2. I only recently learned of livemocha, but have been actively involved in a wonderful online community http://www.edufire.com. They offer Language videos, flashcards, forums, and live video real time tutors in many languages. I love it. I have also been learning of several other language learning resources there. Just thought I would share. I am so excited to be getting back to learning Spanish as it has been 15 years since I completed my two years of high school Spanish!

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