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“… when you tell people you write, read or listen to blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks and online video – if they give you a funny look, it is now officially them that’s a freak, not you.”
 – Marshall Kirkpatrick*

Picked up a couple of recent reports from different places.  One was in time to build into last week’s presentation, one not.

Forrester Reports that Corporate Social Networks will Augment Strategic HR Strategies

The reports highlights the use of Social Media for: “… recruiting, alumni programs, mentoring, learning, collaboration, and connecting people…”  It also reminds us that: “Professional networks are the backbone of business”.

Fastest Growing US Companies Rapidly Adopting Social Media

“77% of respondents now report at least some use of a social media tool in their business.”

This post highlights that social media adoption is “skyrocketing” in 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US.

The post includes the quote at the top of this post, and a Gartner Hype Cycle, which shows Web 2.0 as well over the “peak of inflated expectation” and fast approaching the make-or-break “trough of disillusionment”, with less than two years to mainstream adoption. Corporate blogging is already on its way up the “slope of enlightenment”, also with less than two years to mainstream adoption.

Also in the same boat as corporate blogging are Idea Management, Social Network Analysis, and wikis.

In other breaking news – this site now includes a new list of published documents, with a couple of recent articles to be added to the list, as soon as the copies are sent to me!

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  1. * I am somewhat flattered to see that the quote from the top of this post has been re-used in a presentation by Karen Armstrong, who is apparently the Director, Marketing and Corporate Partnerships for the Cancer Council Australia. Karen has attributed it to me, which has made me realise that my attribution in this post was lacking!

    The quote is in fact from the second report referred to here (and correctly linked): “Fastest Growing US Companies Rapidly Adopting Social Media”, from ReadWriteWeb, August 2008, which was authored by Marshall Kirkpatrick. I have now inserted Marshall’s name above.

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