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As part of my current project, I am writing some documents for a client’s sales force. 

One thing I need to include in these documents is a brief marketing overview relevant to the key customer industries that my client is working with.  What I am looking for is a summary of the key business drivers and value propositions for small to medium businesses working in these industries, and what they need to do to attract customers. 

I am finding it a bit difficult to get exactly what I want for all of these from the web (an admission I hate to make!).  It is probably best if I don’t give the full list of industries here (available on request), but suffice to say that the businesses involved are mostly dealing with consumer customers in defined geographic areas, and operating in fields such as trades and personal and professional services.

If you can point me to any basic info easily available out there, it would be great!  You can leave a comment below, or contact me via other means if you prefer.

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