A Blog Observed

I know that there was a bit of a hiatus here after my exit from Telstra (two posts in April and only one in May), but I have just done a quick check of my Archive list, and it appears that I am currently averaging around 7 posts per month – which is around one post every four days.

It is very tempting to put off posting – particularly when you are incredibly busy – but for all aspiring bloggers out there, the secret is to post when something is on your mind, even just a few words.  A blog post doesn’t have to be a magnum opus, although when you have the time and inspiration that can be good, too. 

The most important thing is to keep up with a fairly steady stream, and keep your network engaged and building as much as possible!

One thing that I now find invaluable is Google Toolbar, which includes a spell checker – this is a lot easier that copying and pasting between Word and WordPress.  Of course, when I do finally get around to upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, it’s all built in!

So, any other bloggers out there, what is your posting average?

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