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Patrick Lambe has produced a fantastic little resource for KM practitioners – a pack of KM Method Cards.  This is a pack of quick reference cards covering 80 approaches, methods and tools that can be used in KM planning, assessments and implementations. You can get the cards from the Straits Knowledge online store.

The cards give neat, useful summaries of “KM approaches (eg CoPs, Information Literacy, KM Champions), methods (eg AARs, Pre-Mortems, Anecdote Circles) and tools (eg Wikis, Taxonomies, Competency Frameworks)”. Patrick’s team at Straits Knowledge has already been using them “in a variety of activities with our clients, often in helping them to visualise and plan how they are going to operationalise their KM strategies. Our clients have used them to provide quick reference guides to their KM activists and champions, and also to identify training and competency development needs.”

They are really neat, easy to carry around and use, and give a really good snapshot of all the topics in a form that can be very quickly read and digested!

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  1. I guess I should add the disclaimer that Straits Knowledge very kindly gave me a pack of these cards – but I was not paid for writing this article!

    – Keith.

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