Event afterwords

A number of other bloggers have been writing about the KM Australia conference.  I have posted links to a couple on the Melbourne KMLF blog, and Ark have now posted some more links – see the following:

  • Martin Dart has a few quite detailed posts on his blog.
  • Shawn has put up a post that includes the results of the dotmocracy exercise on “Trust creating behaviours”.
  • Cheryl Doig posted on “The Importance of Trust“.
  • Anthony Coles posted his thoughts: “There were more cliches and acronyms than a orthodontists convention…”
  • Che Tibby, vising from NZ, has posted this so far.
  • Gene Smith posted before the conference here and here – I expect that there may be more to come.
  • Jeff Kelly also posted before the conference here.

(For all posts on this topic here, see the KM Aus 08 category.)

Regarding the KMLF session – a bit hard to say more than Frank has already written at VPS-CIN!

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