A job worth doing

“If something’s worth doing, it’s worth making someone else do it.”

I’m sitting in a small bar in Bourke St called “Spleen Central“, listening to a great three-piece jazz band (Heather Stewart jazz blues trio – featuring Heather on violin). Just come from this month’s KMLF meeting – more about that later. Ideal environment for a final post on KM Australia…

The quote above is in reference to another twist on social networking – Dabble Do. The idea is to use your online social network to get your friends to do your stuff for you.

The first session of the second day (which I sadly missed part of) was from Jeff Kelly. The following points are mostly from Jeff, so far as I remember.  (* Late addition – I expect some were also from John Girard and Ian Farmer of Bullseye – apologies to any other presenters I may be quoting here!)

  • Enterprise 2.0 is supported by three legs – technology, process and culture, and all three must be in balance. Unlike the old days of big IT installations, the technology is now the easy bit. Culture is now the challenge. We have to move from command and control to open and sharing.
  • People learn differently in this environment.
  • Search and discovery is replacing hierarchy and structure.
  • Fuzzy boundaries create innovation.
        – Verna Allee
  • People are talking about FriendFeed – I’ll have to check it out.
  • People are learning things outside their organisations. In Enterprise 2.0, we need to think about “organisations without borders” – we all need to think like freelancers. (Fairly easy for me at the moment!)
  • Another example of Second Life being used as an organisational training environment – see the simulated Canadian Border crossing on YouTube.

To blog or not to blog?

And finally – for those in major corporate (and government) organisations trying to decide whether or not to engage with the public using Web 2.0 tools, just remember that they are already talking about you anyway. You get to choose whether you join in (and influence) the conversation or not…

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  1. Just checking back over my notes again – I have just added that some of these references here would have been from John Girard and Ian Farmer of Bullseye – references added to post.

    – Keith

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