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Just back from working with Dan and the team on the Kokoda Pathways blog.  Finally got PodPress under control last night – it’s all taking shape!  Just waiting for iTunes to set up our feed, and James and Jess will be full-time on interviewing, editing and uploading next week.  Good fun!


Last week I had the opportunity to meet Jay Cross – thanks to an invitation from Shawn.  Jay and I share some views on the role of learning in today’s organisation.  My main view is that making distinctions between learning, communications and content/knowledge/information management is an entirely archaic device intended to protect some people’s individual empires.  (Read more on my view here.)

Jay wrote back, directing me to one of his blog posts.  The salient point here is:

KM & training both suffer from corporate Alzheimer’s: the inability to read the handwriting on the wall. The future is bottom-up, open, networked, and more complex than we’ll ever understand. Deal with it… Isn’t it time for a requiem to these “solutions” to yesterday’s problems? Old-style KM and training don’t work in today’s egalitarian, networked world. 

Jay went on to say that there were some interesting discussions on this topic at a beer bash following the overlap of KM World and DevLearn in San Diego just after this blog post.  These ranged from agreement to various forms of disagreement…

It reinforced my basic beliefs that:

  1. Conversation is the most effective learning technology on earth.
  2. Beer improves conversation.

Hard to argue with that!

This all reminds me of the importance of the peer-to-peer process in learning, which I have heard presented very eloquently by Michel Bauwens.

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