A new journey begins

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.  You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”  – J. R. R. Tolkien

Where does the KM function ideally belong in an organisation?  This is the topic of a recent discussion on actKM.  I have been working in KM in Telstra for about eight years.  The role of my team is to make it easy for our business sales people to access the knowledge they need to sell our products, services and solutions.  Over this time, the migration of the team through the organisation has been as follows:

  • Sales (in a specialist sales/technical area)
  • Marketing
  • Sales (in “Sales Programs”, with the communication group)
  • Marketing (with the Campaign Build function)
  • Business Operations (for six months, where I was the only member of the original team remaining)
  • Sales Excellence (with the Sales communications, training and other support groups)
  • Enterprise Learning (over the last six months or so)

All of these have had benefits and disadvantages.  At each turn, functions have been added or taken away – but the core capability and deliverables have remained.  It’s been an interesting ride.  Regardless of where we sit in the organisation, I believe that we are at our most effective when we are close to our target audience – in this case, the sales force.

And now, for me, the latest move – out of the company.

Yes, my position was recently declared to be redundant.  The team goes on, with acknowledgement of the success of the work, and recognition of its importance, but without me.  I am now in transition – I have moved out of my position, and my last day with the company will be 30 April.

While this announcement did come as somewhat of a surprise to me, the timing is good.  I have effectively been preparing for this step for some years now, and it feels like the basic training  I have been doing all my working life until now has finally come to an end, and real life is just beginning!

While I am looking at some possible opportunities in employment elsewhere, I am most keen to get my own business on to a more commercial footing, and offer consultancy services based on my skills and experience.  This could include providing advice, driving projects, facilitating or speaking.  This could include areas such as:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge sharing tools and techniques
  • Organisational communication and culture
  • Learning strategies
  • Use and benefits of social media tools (Web 2.0 & Intranet 2.0)
  • Content Management and governance strategies
  • Document Management

As things take shape, I will be updating this site to provide full information.  In the mean time, if you have any enquiries, or are aware of suitable opportunities, please contact me via the comments area below!


  1. Arch nemesis –

    Thanks for your comment. I am afraid that I had to moderate it a little, as I am still being paid by Telstra until the end of the month…

  2. Hi Keith. I am sure your grooming for this will pay off.  Your skills in many facets are very marketable, so you will not want for work (or entertainment, depending on how you see it), and I am sure your efforts will be more appreciated moving forward and probably better rewarded to boot.

    Good luck and if you need any IT done, call me.

  3. Keith,

    Best of luck with you new career path! It’s a great opportunity to to start your own business and doing what you really want: real life!


  4. Hi Keith,

    Its great to hear of this news.
    I wish you the very best in your new journey, which is just the next thing to do as Goethe says: “Knowing is not enough; We must Apply. Willing is not enough; We must Do”.

    Just that the other line I wanna add is that “All things are difficult before they are easy”, and I am certain you will do your utmost best!

    With best wishes


  5. All the best with your move. It’s something I did back in 1982 and I’m still self-employed!

    It has it’s ups and downs but overall was the right thing for me to do.

    I like your comment you feel you’ve been training for years to do this. It’s the best perspective you can have.


  6. Keith if I had a bottle of champagne, I’d be tempted to break it over your bows! Stay in touch and like Dave I hope we get a chance to work together.

  7. Luke, Greg, Michelle –

    Thanks for your comments! All very good advice – each from different parts of the world! I look forward to keeping in touch.

    – Keith.

  8. Keith,

    Its been a long time since we worked together and going out on your own is scary. Having done it many years ago, I would say it was my best move and have no regrets.

    Be patient, be focused and don’t have self doubt.


  9. Best wishes on your future endeavours Keith and congratulations on your redundancy. There are many doors but if you can find the Keymaker (aka Matrix Reloaded), your journey will be rewarded.

  10. Best of luck Keith. I am sure you will find a valuable niche. Enjoy the process.

  11. Keith
    Bummer….however, keep the proverbial in mind – one door closes, another…
    Take some time out to chill and consider. Then launch yourself afresh!
    Good luck.

  12. Hi Keith,

    You have made a valuable contribution to the learning and knowledge community in Telstra – especially as a link to external thinking and developments in the industry. Best wishes as you move forward.


  13. Marnix –

    Thanks for the advice – it all sounds very good! Trust it all goes well for you…

    – Keith

  14. Hi Keith,

    I am exactly the same position (at the other side of the world … Belgium)

    Working on setting up exactly the same consultancy services. An advice to get started :
    – take some sabbathical (but not so much partying as I did)
    – set up a daily routine (I use our garden house as my office)
    – Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits
    – keep blogging


  15. Andy –

    Thanks for the comment. We’ll see how it goes – but if I do take up another corporate role my preference is for one that can be done effectively in a four day week…

    Your comment on a WordPress error doesn’t seem to come through the moderation. I can’t see where the error is – can you tell me more? I’ll email you directly.

  16. Good luck, going out on your own is hard work and you may do what I did and succumb to the relatively straight forward process of showing up at the office from 9-5.

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