Wanted – used car for $8,516.58

I want to buy a second-hand car, and I am posting this to see if anybody out there has a suitable one for sale, or knows of one.  What I am looking for is a small to medium-sized hatch-back.  A Toyota Corolla is one good example of what I would be happy with.  Ideally, it should be no older than a 2000-2001 model, but I would prefer a low-mileage car.  Less than 60,000 km on the clock would be great.  Not too fussed about the colour – preferably not black or too dark.  A car that is available in Melbourne (Australia) is preferred.  And here’s the main point – I want to spend no more than $8,516.58 (AUD).

We recently lost our second car (the one I used for commuting) when it was written off in an accident on the Lorne-Deans Marsh Road in Victoria here on 29 December last year.  We had loaned it to my daughter and a friend, who were on their way to the Falls Festival.  Some vehicles in front of them stopped rather abruptly, and they didn’t stop in time.  The good news is that no-one was badly injured – although they did collect some interesting bruises.

I am taking the approach of posting this request here, as well as circulating it via LinkedIn and Facebook, just to see how social media and my network may be able to assist with this situation.

The car was a Hyundai Accent GS hatch-back, with mag wheels and rear spoiler, which I had been pretty happy with.  However, I had just spent $1,000 on a new clutch, which wasn’t so impressive.  I would like to trade up a little to a Corolla if possible, as we have had a few of them in the past and been very happy with them.  There are other acceptable alternatives as well. 

So why that amount of money?  That is the total I have after the insurance payout and a (very small) refund on the registration.  I am hoping that I can get a similar replacement car and still end up in around the same net financial situation.

If you know of anything, please let me know via a comment here!


  1. Frank –

    Thanks for the comment. I have had some really good leads.

    The most promising is an offer of a Subaru Impreza owned by a friend of a friend who is moving to Dubai to work. I am just sorting out how to handle both the registration and transport complications of getting it from Sydney to Melbourne, but everything seems to be working out well so far.

  2. G’day Keith, Long time no hear. Saw your request via Justine Brown’s Facebook but when I got to your blog I see that what I have to offer is not what you want – my daughter’s slightly older, slightly higher milage Hyundai Accent – probably a trade down not up.

  3. Wayne –

    Thanks for your comment. This social network experiment is proving interesting so far – four email responses within minutes, and a blog comment!

    The Alfa sounds interesting. Email with a few questions on the way!

  4. I have a 1989 Alfo 33 I want to sell. I had a cardiac event last year and walk most of the time as a means of warding off another event.
    Heres the thing I would have to leave you with money from your designated amount, but you could use that to fix the clutch on my car AND to put a better stereo in. Unfortuanately I still think you would be left with excess funds.
    I propose you apply the residual to
    A a good Japanese lunch (I am pretending that is zero calorie)
    B higher insurance premiums (probably on the agenda anyway)
    C Provision for future vehicular repairs

    BTW its gunmetal grey so its a bit dark

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