Maintaining the currency and accuracy of content

I will be presenting a Masterclass on this topic at the Ark Group conference Data Quality Asia Pacific 2008 in Sydney on 1 May.  The main conference runs 29 to 30 April, with a choice of Masterclasses on 1 May.  There is a 10% early bird discount available for bookings prior to 28 March.

While the main thrust of the conference is about data, I will be speaking more about content management.  Keynote speakers are Dr Thomas Redman Ph.D. “The Data Doc”, President, Naveslink Consulting Group, and Co-Founder, IAIDQ and C. Lwanga Yonke, Information Quality Expert and IAIDQ Advisor.

See the Ark Group conference site for more detail and for registration, or call +61 2 1300 550 662.

At the moment, I am off work for a week or so with a bad back.  I seem to have done something last weekend to upset it.  I have been spending most of the week on my back not able to do an awful lot of anything.  Today, I am able to sit up and walk around some of the time, but not getting an awful lot of sleep at nights.  It’s been a good chance to catch up on a bit of reading and a couple of movies.

The osteopath has been a great help – as have the anti-inflammatories – but I am still getting moments of sharp pain in odd places, and my right shin is still mostly numb…  Generally not a lot of fun.

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  1. […] I have spent the day in Sydney delivering a half-day workshop at the Data Quality conference, and spent some time catching up with Matt Moore in the evening over a refreshing drink or two – and a $10 steak.  We had a very small group for the workshop, but everyone seemed to get something useful from it.  It was actually quite fun having the small group – we only needed one table, so I came and sat at the table as well, and delivered the session from there.  More fun in the city tomorrow. […]

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