Making social sites more sociable

Things are a bit quiet around here while I am on holiday.  I am currently sitting at our tent in Tathra, on the south coast of New South Wales. 

One thing I have discovered in my brief online forays is the “My Blogs” application on Facebook.  I was hoping that there was something like this available.  I find it slightly annoying that there are few connections between various social networking sites, and (as a Knowledge Manager) I abhor duplicated effort. 

If it works as promoted, My Blogs will put blog posts from this site up on my Facebook profile.  So far, it seems to have only posted two entries from late November last year – it will be interesting to see if this one goes up…

I had previously had an app on Facebook pointed out to me that lets me look at my LinkedIn contacts via Facebook, but both of these still seem a little limited.  May there be many more improvements in this space!

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