Connecting to stakeholders with new media

I have probably mentioned here that I am now a member of the International Association of Business Communicators. I wrote a brief article a while ago for their global magazine, Communication World.  The article was one of a small collection under the topic: How does your company use new media to connect with stakeholders? (Global perspectives.) It seems that this article is now available on the web at HighBeam Encyclopedia and Goliath. On that basis, I figure that I should be able to repeat here (and save you one whole mouse click):

Telstra operates a public web site (Nowwearetalking) promoting public comment and debate on the telecommunications industry. I authored a blog on this site for eight months. I wrote about human communication, technology and my work in knowledge management.

Nowwearetalking has been remarkable for the openness of its editorial policy. Critics of Telstra have been surprised to see their comments published unedited on the forum. Blog articles are checked by legal, but in the 8,000 words I posted, I didn’t have a single editorial change.

Openness is critical to social media, both publicly and inside organisations. It has been my experience that the easier you make it for people to share knowledge, the more likely it is that they will. The more you trust others, the more likely it is that your trust will be honoured.

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