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Ross Dawson has drawn my attention to this announcement: Microsoft teams up to improve its Enterprise 2.0 offering.

It seems that Microsoft is admitting that there are some flaws in SharePoint, and they are agreeing with everybody else that Atlassian’s Confluence is a good corporate-grade wiki.

The really good news is that these companies are apparently actually working together on this, rather than trying to cut each other’s throats.  As Ross states: “… even the largest companies cannot stand alone – effective collaboration is fundamental to success in a networked economy.”

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  1. […] The wiki software that everyone is talking about is Confluence.  I am told that a couple of the most important features that make Confluence so good for enterprise applications is its ability to handle attached files, and to provide good integration with corporate directory structures.  Microsoft thought it was so good that they are now in a partnership with Atlassian, and you can now get the SharePoint Connector for Confluence.  (I have not yet used it myself.) […]

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