They said it couldn’t be done!

Had a great day at the ECM conference today – it was great to meet some new people!  As promised to the participants, here’s my very brief summary of the “three errors of ECM” from the McKinsey report that I mentioned.  This is from Making a market in knowledge, by Lowell Brian, from 2004:

  • Build it – and they won’t use it
    • A huge DM technology investment is not a solution
    • Content too hard to find, and not kept up to date
  • Top-down Intranets don’t reach audience needs
    • Corporate staff may not understand needs
    • Expertise is distributed around organisation
  • Distributed model better, but has flaws
    • Closer to people and needs, but no guarantees
    • Can lead to islands of incompatible technologies
  • Solution – Knowledge Markets

I trust this may be helpful. 

I have one more day here – and another catch-up with some of the local KM people – then off to Singapore on Thursday!  (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it…)

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