The two things wrong with the world

A highlight from KM Aus – Michel Bauwens on “Peer to Peer – the new paridigm for social innovation” (my paraphrase):

“There are only two things wrong with the world today. We treat nature as if it was infinite; and we limit the immaterial world by imposing artificial scarcities (such as copyrights). Let’s swap this around. Let’s swap material accumulation for intellectual and artistic accumulation.”

See more on Michel’s site.


  1. […] Michel Bauwens’ presentation certainly highlighted the changes in learning.  We need to think much more about learning as a peer-to-peer process, and less as a hierarchical process.  We are moving away from the industrial mode of learning, where you leave your identity at the door.  Learning-based communities provide more meaning than traditional structures.  We are moving away from content and collection, and moving to context and connection.  How can we further enhance learning capability? […]

  2. Posting from the BlackBerry is great – no need to boot up the PC in a conference, you can just type as you go. However, it’s a bit fiddly adding links to a post! The link to Michel’s site is now inserted in the post above.

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