Taxonomists – an endangered species?

The headline certainly caught my eye, but this article is more about marine Biologists than Librarians or Knowledge Managers… See the article in The Age. 

Oh, and the dentist quip?  Yes, my dentist did actually walk through the waiting room with a ladder while I was waiting for my appointment.  It caused me to wonder what was going on – but it turned out that he was just replacing a light globe.


  1. Lucas –

    I have noticed this “cross-adoption” in other places, too.  Noam Chomsky’s earlier work in psycholinguistics on “deep structure” seems to now be seen as little more than an interesting model in the field, rather than reality. However, it was later adopted by computer science to form the basis of a number of structured programming languages, such as Pascal.

    There’s another post in this somewhere…

    – Keith.

  2. Interesting. I would think that the number of KM taxonomists is increasing all the time — but apparently it’s the opposite in the sciences. Strange how one group invents something, and it’s adopted by another group and used to its advantage. Maybe the sciences can start recruiting taxonomists from the corporate world… 😉

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