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“Using social media” presentation

So, I delivered the workshop today – to three great participants!  The workshop was: Using social media to harness knowledge within an organisation: Addressing the challenges.  We all had a great time, and a good conversation! 
I have now also registered with SlideShare for the first time, and uploaded a (very slightly modified) version of the slide pack.  Not [...]

Enterprise 2.0 – Day 2.0

A good day today.  Met some good people, and all of the presentations were good. 
Great live Second Life demo from Decka Mah (aka Lindy McKeown) to end the day.  She also introduced us to PicLens – a cool Google plug-in for image viewing.  Second Life is definitely a usable environment for learning, but the interface [...]

Connect, develop, contribute

“Social media has enabled me to feel ahead, not behind as I return to work after 2nd baby.”
 - Serena Joyner (on Twitter) 
While preparing for my workshop for Key Forums on Friday – Using social media to harness knowledge within an organisation: Addressing the challenges – (breathe in now) I read this great tweet from Serena Joyner [...]

Twitter as an important resource

“If only most companies realised the treasure trove of expertise and information that their employees would be able to access if they encouraged the use of such services.”
 - Shane Goldberg
Just bumped into Shane on Twitter.  He also has a blog.
He has quite a few interesting blog posts, but the current one caught my eye in [...]

Zigging and tagging

“It has always surprised me how little attention philosophers have paid to humour, since it is a more significant process of mind than reason. Reason can only sort out perceptions, but the humor process is involved in changing them.”
- Edward de Bono
The last presentation at KM Australia last night was from Gene Smith. This was [...]

The value of social networking and collaboration

Blogs are only useful if you post things on a regular basis!  It seems that life after Telstra has been busier than when I was there!  Since then, I have started work on a number of projects in my new role as an independent consultant, and I have now managed to update this site to [...]


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What are you doing?

Just been told about a really neat explanation of Twitter.  This is a short animated video by Lee Le Fever at Common Craft, and makes a lot of sense.
I have still not signed up for Twitter, but have been learning a bit about it.  Another description of it that I like is to see it as “group proprioception”.  [...]

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