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We are the champions

I am apparently now a “Digital Ministry Champion“. I have just posted my first article: To tweet or not to tweet.
This article is a summary of several previous posts on this site:
You’ve read about Social Media. You may have dipped a toe in the water here or there – or you may be up to [...]

Self-promotion in 140 characters

Problogger has asked for readers to write about their own blogs – in the character limit of a Twitter message.  This is running as an experiment over this weekend, and the messages are being posted as comments on the post.
Here’s mine:
Knowledge, communication, storytelling, language, learning, social media; with a dash of Zen. Oh, and consultancy and a [...]


Clancy of the Knowledge Flow
I had written him a snail-mail, which I had, for want of email
Address, sent to where I met him in Canberra, years ago.
He was sharing when I knew him, so I sent the letter to him,
Just “on spec”, addressed as follows: Clancy of The Knowledge Flow.
And an answer came directed in [...]

Managing Knowlege for Competitive Advantage

On my way to this year’s actKM Conference.
Should be a fun couple of days!  While I am only booked in to this one as a regular attendee, I am also taking part in the activity on Tuesday night – the “Collaboration Cabaret”.  All will be revealed in due course!
I expect that I will be tweeting [...]

The Twitter Agency

@SilkCharm (aka Laurel Papworth) has picked up on a certain organisation that is about to spend a large amount of money on marketing.  This led her to the idea of establishing The Twitter Agency.
SilkCharm has 1,670 followers.  That makes a pretty powerful, well connected agency!  (Hey – I have 59 followers myself!)
So there [...]


Several things to say, and not enough time right now to say them all.  In brief:

Check out Yammer, a “micro-blogging tool for the Enterprise founded by David Sacks, former COO of PayPal and current CEO of Geni” (from the press release).  “Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange [...]

Everbody’s doing it

In yet another great pointer from the Twitterati, check out Peter Kim’s List of Social Media Marketing Examples.
This is an A to Z listing of 131 companies (and probably increasing) that are “using and being used by social media marketing”.
Do you know of any that aren’t on the list?

Knowledge as an asset

The slide pack I presented at the Web Content Management Forum in Sydney this week is now available on SlideShare. It’s about Managing knowledge as an asset and building a knowledge transfer toolkit, and includes ownership and currency maintenance.  (Interesting to note that my pack from the last conference has now had 539 views on SlideShare.)
Jonathan Cooper [...]


This page provides a list of published documents and presentations.  Primarily these are authored by Keith De La Rue.  Others are included here due to relevance to this blog; authorship of these is noted. (Note: The Ivory Tower is the second-last item on the document list.)
See my Google Scholar and Academia profiles.
The Innovation Conversation – [...]

Reasons to be Twitterful, Part 3

In addition to Twitter being an essential information-sourcing tool, and useful for people returning to work from an extended absence, it has also started to occur to me that I am finding it a great way to feel connected while working as a sole consultant.  In much the same vein as the people using it [...]

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