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The conversation continues

“Recent research has shown that conversation is important for improving innovation. It has also been found that conversation improves group and individual performance and knowledge sharing. This article will address some of the principles of innovation and how conversational techniques can be harnessed to improve business outcomes.”

My previous article on The Art of Conversation has [...]

Twitter confessional

I am talking about Twitter at the First Tuesday Blog Club tomorrow night.  This may be an odd format for a blog post, but here are some of the ideas I may or may not talk about, depending on how the session goes, with links to the places some of the ideas are derived from:

Why do [...]

A series on Social Media

I recently wrote a series of three articles for Star News Group’s Business West magazine on Social Media. One of these is mentioned in the previous post here – now I can upload all of them here in a set.  They are:
Let’s talk Social Media (Nov 2011)
Social media is not only something you can no [...]

Wildwood retreat

So just over a month ago – just after landing back from my few days in Brisbane - I spent a few days down at Wildwood Retreat in Pennyroyal Valley with twelve other people.
We came together to talk about – and experiment with – various tools and techniques of group facilitation.  The retreat was arranged by Viv McWaters [...]

Building and Maintaining a Knowledge Transfer Toolkit

Many large organisations have subject matter experts with a deep knowledge and understanding of business-critical information. This knowledge needs to be conveyed to a target audience in another area of the organisation, mostly comprised of staff with a lower level of technical expertise. In traditional organisational structures, content management, intranet, communications and training are often [...]

The Business Adventure

Adventures are not adventures if there isn’t a degree of danger and uncertainty about them. – Ewan McGregor
While in Blackwood this weekend, we drove into Trentham for a visit.
There was a group of motorcyclists in town, and I struck up a conversation with one (who was riding a very nice touring BMW). He was preparing [...]

Expect the unexpected

I was tweeting from a presentation on storytelling on Tuesday.  Shawn Callahan of Anecdote led the session, and listed the key elements of an effective story:

Simple – It doesn’t have to be sophisticated – you hear it once and you get it.
Unexpected – It throws you a curve ball that you weren’t expecting.
Concrete – It [...]

Realising Our BroadBand Future

Can’t believe I forgot to post to the blog for all of November!  At least I have something new to post now…
The Government is hosting the “Realising Our BroadBand Future” forum on 10 and 11 Dec, to map the applications and business models that will thrive in Australia’s high speed broadband future.
Thanks to John Wells [...]

The rains down in Africa

I have been following the “TOTO challenge” for a while now.  ActionAid Australia is sending Australian bloggers to remote parts of the world. Why? To help give poverty a voice:
“Using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more, the outreach blogger will travel to one of ActionAid’s program countries to help locals harness the power of social media [...]

Twitter and the challenge of openness

I have posted on this blog about Twitter a number of times, and also written about it in one post at Digital Ministry. But as I foreshadowed there, there was one other aspect of Twitter that I intended to say more about – and that is the use of Twitter as a great tool for “open [...]

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