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A Tale of Two Cafés

David Gurteen has recently posted an article comparing his Knowledge Café concept and World Café, which are similar processes, but with “some subtle but significant differences”.
As I have been doing a fair bit of both work and writing on collaboration recently, I have been attempting to sharpen up my own ideas about these techniques and the differences. In practice, [...]

Art of Conversation – article edition

Further to previous posts here on the transformative power of conversation – the Ignite presentation at KMLF, and the trampoline presentation - I have now also written an article on the topic, which was published by Thomson-Reuters’ Online Currents last month.
This article has documented in a little more detail the recent research that highlights how conversation can [...]

Wildwood retreat

So just over a month ago – just after landing back from my few days in Brisbane - I spent a few days down at Wildwood Retreat in Pennyroyal Valley with twelve other people.
We came together to talk about – and experiment with – various tools and techniques of group facilitation.  The retreat was arranged by Viv McWaters [...]

The Art of Conversation – trampoline edition

So today I presented this topic at trampoline.  Trampoline is a “self-organising event for those who find the world interesting, have something to offer and share, and have an inquisitive mind”. I’ve been at some of the earlier trampoline days, and it’s great to get back and get energised again!

photo: thesquigglyline
This morning, I presented on [...]

Presentation – The Idea Monopoly?

“Nearly 60 percent of projects aimed at achieving business change do not fully meet their objectives.” – IBM, 2008.
Why does this happen? As many working in Knowledge Management and related fields understand, it’s all about people and complexity. Organisations are increasingly dependent on people and what they know in order to operate successfully in today’s [...]

Realising Our BroadBand Future

Can’t believe I forgot to post to the blog for all of November!  At least I have something new to post now…
The Government is hosting the “Realising Our BroadBand Future” forum on 10 and 11 Dec, to map the applications and business models that will thrive in Australia’s high speed broadband future.
Thanks to John Wells [...]

Trampoline presentation

I’ll be off to trampoline in just a few hours, with the intention of doing a presentation on “The Idea Monopoly?” I have blogged on this topic before, and you can see the slide pack on SlideShare here.
The topic of organisational change – and getting people more involved in it – is something I have [...]


This page provides a list of published documents and presentations.  Primarily these are authored by Keith De La Rue.  Others are included here due to relevance to this blog; authorship of these is noted. (Note: The Ivory Tower is the second-last item on the document list.)
See my Google Scholar and Academia profiles.
The Innovation Conversation – [...]