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KM and Social Media

Keith September 30th, 2008

Just heard from “Pumacy” that they are publishing a “a study about knowledge management blogs“.  The study is intended to “explore the potential of Web 2.0 technologies for knowledge management”. 

“First step is a systematic survey of private and commercial blogs that inform about knowledge management.  Web 2.0 technologies are already standard communication tools in private communication. The results of the survey point out that Web 2.0 becomes more and more interesting for community-based knowledge management activities in companies.”

So this stage has included publishing a list of the 50 or so active KM blogs that Pumacy found in their research.  This page includes figures relating to numbers of postings and comments and search engine rankings in August 2008. Nice to be included in such “august” company!

May be interesting to compare this list with Kaye Vivian’s wiki list of bloggers on actKM.


Keith September 10th, 2008

Several things to say, and not enough time right now to say them all.  In brief:

  1. Check out Yammer, a “micro-blogging tool for the Enterprise founded by David Sacks, former COO of PayPal and current CEO of Geni” (from the press release).  “Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: ‘What are you working on?’” Yes, basically Twitter for the enterprise.
  2. There may be some teething issues, but how impressive is it when a web company contacts you when you have a question!? All via the magic of Twitter.  See it here.
  3. Where did they get the name?  “Yammer” in English means to whine or complain, make an outcry or clamour, or talk loudly and persistently.  But this word is very similar to the German “Jammer”, meaning (among other things) a wailing noise.  More particularly, the word “Katzenjammer” literally means “wailing cat”. (And by extension colloquially, a loud, discordant noise, a state of depression or bewilderment, or a hangover, but hopefully those definitions aren’t relevant here.)  How do I know this? I can remember seeing some old, handed-down Katzenjammer Kids comics years ago, although it is apparently still being published.

    So? A cat’s wail is louder than a tweet:-)

Now I really must get back to some paying work.

Everbody’s doing it

Keith September 4th, 2008

In yet another great pointer from the Twitterati, check out Peter Kim’s List of Social Media Marketing Examples.

This is an A to Z listing of 131 companies (and probably increasing) that are “using and being used by social media marketing”.

Do you know of any that aren’t on the list?

When a cartoonist manages a restaurant

Keith September 1st, 2008

Scott Adams – of Dilbert fame – owns and operates a restaurant.  He also writes a blog.  In a recent post, he outlines a number of initiatives he has introduced to increase his competitive edge, to some extent borrowed from Internet marketing techniques.  In summary, these are:

  • The lunch menu has been rearranged to rank dishes by popularity.
  • Monday night (normally the slowest night) is now Game Night.  Bring your own board game, use one of theirs, or play the Trivia questions on the big screen TV at the bar.
  • Sign up online for the Networking Lunch, and have lunch with five randomly-selected strangers.
  • For an instant party, bring your own iPod.  They provide the private room, food, dance floor and the iPod DJ sound system.  They’ll even play your photos on their laptop and big screen TV. (Almost forgot to add this item!)

Neat ideas – where else could you apply this sort of thinking?

A Blog Observed

Keith August 28th, 2008

I know that there was a bit of a hiatus here after my exit from Telstra (two posts in April and only one in May), but I have just done a quick check of my Archive list, and it appears that I am currently averaging around 7 posts per month – which is around one post every four days.

It is very tempting to put off posting – particularly when you are incredibly busy – but for all aspiring bloggers out there, the secret is to post when something is on your mind, even just a few words.  A blog post doesn’t have to be a magnum opus, although when you have the time and inspiration that can be good, too. 

The most important thing is to keep up with a fairly steady stream, and keep your network engaged and building as much as possible!

One thing that I now find invaluable is Google Toolbar, which includes a spell checker – this is a lot easier that copying and pasting between Word and WordPress.  Of course, when I do finally get around to upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, it’s all built in!

So, any other bloggers out there, what is your posting average?

What about the workers?

Keith August 28th, 2008

Now everybody wants one:

Mistake makes ‘iPhone girl’ a celebrity

“A Chinese factory worker has become a celebrity after her smiling face was accidentally loaded onto an Apple iPhone and shipped to the other side of the world, her employer has said.

“The unidentified worker flashed a smile and made a peace sign to a co-worker whose job was to test the device’s camera in the southern city of Shenzhen, said a spokesman for Foxconn, which assembles the phones for Apple.  The woman’s colleague apparently forgot to delete the photo from the phone, which was sold to a consumer in Britain, who posted it [to] on the Internet, Foxconn spokesman Liu Kun told AFP on Wednesday.”

Apparently Apple have no plans to adopt this as standard practice, but this raises an interesting question:

“As one person wrote in an Internet post: ‘It would be great for every Chinese worker who makes your iPhones to take a snap of herself or her factory friends … a hello from a person you would never otherwise meet.  Globalisation in practise.’”

A new social networking technology?

This month’s KMLF

Keith August 19th, 2008

The word is out.  This month, Kate Crawshaw is speaking on: “Social Software within the Firewall – Introduction and Tips on Getting Started“.  The session is on Wednesday 27 August.  See details on the Melbourne KMLF blog post.

The future is Social

Keith August 18th, 2008

“… when you tell people you write, read or listen to blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks and online video – if they give you a funny look, it is now officially them that’s a freak, not you.”
 - Marshall Kirkpatrick*

Picked up a couple of recent reports from different places.  One was in time to build into last week’s presentation, one not.

Forrester Reports that Corporate Social Networks will Augment Strategic HR Strategies

The reports highlights the use of Social Media for: “… recruiting, alumni programs, mentoring, learning, collaboration, and connecting people…”  It also reminds us that: “Professional networks are the backbone of business”.

Fastest Growing US Companies Rapidly Adopting Social Media

“77% of respondents now report at least some use of a social media tool in their business.”

This post highlights that social media adoption is “skyrocketing” in 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US.

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Reasons to be Twitterful, Part 3

Keith August 18th, 2008

In addition to Twitter being an essential information-sourcing tool, and useful for people returning to work from an extended absence, it has also started to occur to me that I am finding it a great way to feel connected while working as a sole consultant.  In much the same vein as the people using it on extended leave, it takes the place of the office chatter that you get used to when working in an office full of people.  I guess it also needs the same discipline of knowing when to engage and disengage…

When tweeting about this (about 4 hours ago), wonderwebby brought a post from deswalsh to my attention: 5 Ways Twitter Helps Me in Business.  In particular: “it is an excellent way of overcoming some of the mental echo chamber effect of working solo.”

The journey continues…

“Using social media” presentation

Keith August 15th, 2008

So, I delivered the workshop today – to three great participants!  The workshop was: Using social media to harness knowledge within an organisation: Addressing the challenges.  We all had a great time, and a good conversation! 

I have now also registered with SlideShare for the first time, and uploaded a (very slightly modified) version of the slide pack.  Not totally happy with the way it has been rendered, but it seems to be fairly readable.  It is also available for download.  Help yourself! And thanks to those who contributed…

Also had a great conversation with Ian Farmer of Bullseye.  Ian pointed me at a few interesting sites:

  • Free web meetings at Dimdim.
  • Social language learning at Livemocha.  This apparently provides two-way language learning – with real people.
  • How to draw maps using your GPS – and lots of other apps – at Fire Eagle.

Also got a good reference from elsua via Twitter for “Twelve Ways to Sell Social Media to Your Boss – Don’t Forget about Yourself!” This may be of particular interest to this morning’s participants!

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