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KM and Social Media

Keith September 30th, 2008

Just heard from “Pumacy” that they are publishing a “a study about knowledge management blogs“.  The study is intended to “explore the potential of Web 2.0 technologies for knowledge management”. 

“First step is a systematic survey of private and commercial blogs that inform about knowledge management.  Web 2.0 technologies are already standard communication tools in private communication. The results of the survey point out that Web 2.0 becomes more and more interesting for community-based knowledge management activities in companies.”

So this stage has included publishing a list of the 50 or so active KM blogs that Pumacy found in their research.  This page includes figures relating to numbers of postings and comments and search engine rankings in August 2008. Nice to be included in such “august” company!

May be interesting to compare this list with Kaye Vivian’s wiki list of bloggers on actKM.

Practice makes perfect

Keith September 25th, 2008

I wrote earlier this year about “Practice, Communities and Technology“.  This post stressed the importance of the “practice”: 

For a CoP to be successful, the community must become part of the practice itself… the community needs to become part of how they do their job.

People in an organisation will just not do things that aren’t part of their job accountability and that they see no point in doing. 

Just today I hit on a really neat metaphor to illustrate this…


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Keith September 10th, 2008

Several things to say, and not enough time right now to say them all.  In brief:

  1. Check out Yammer, a “micro-blogging tool for the Enterprise founded by David Sacks, former COO of PayPal and current CEO of Geni” (from the press release).  “Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: ‘What are you working on?’” Yes, basically Twitter for the enterprise.
  2. There may be some teething issues, but how impressive is it when a web company contacts you when you have a question!? All via the magic of Twitter.  See it here.
  3. Where did they get the name?  “Yammer” in English means to whine or complain, make an outcry or clamour, or talk loudly and persistently.  But this word is very similar to the German “Jammer”, meaning (among other things) a wailing noise.  More particularly, the word “Katzenjammer” literally means “wailing cat”. (And by extension colloquially, a loud, discordant noise, a state of depression or bewilderment, or a hangover, but hopefully those definitions aren’t relevant here.)  How do I know this? I can remember seeing some old, handed-down Katzenjammer Kids comics years ago, although it is apparently still being published.

    So? A cat’s wail is louder than a tweet:-)

Now I really must get back to some paying work.

Knowledge as an asset

Keith September 3rd, 2008

The slide pack I presented at the Web Content Management Forum in Sydney this week is now available on SlideShare. It’s about Managing knowledge as an asset and building a knowledge transfer toolkit, and includes ownership and currency maintenance.  (Interesting to note that my pack from the last conference has now had 539 views on SlideShare.)

Jonathan Cooper of the Art Gallery of New South Wales was one of the other speakers there yesterday morning.  They are doing some interesting things at myVirtualGallery – and he also introduced a few other interesting web sites:

Something else I picked up from Twitter – see how popular your name has been over the last 100 years (in NSW) at The Baby Names Explorer.  (Interesting to see that my name was ranked number 8 – in the 1920s.  Since then, the popularity of the name dropped to almost zero by 2005, but it is making a slight recovery now.)

Request for information

Keith August 31st, 2008

As part of my current project, I am writing some documents for a client’s sales force. 

One thing I need to include in these documents is a brief marketing overview relevant to the key customer industries that my client is working with.  What I am looking for is a summary of the key business drivers and value propositions for small to medium businesses working in these industries, and what they need to do to attract customers. 

I am finding it a bit difficult to get exactly what I want for all of these from the web (an admission I hate to make!).  It is probably best if I don’t give the full list of industries here (available on request), but suffice to say that the businesses involved are mostly dealing with consumer customers in defined geographic areas, and operating in fields such as trades and personal and professional services.

If you can point me to any basic info easily available out there, it would be great!  You can leave a comment below, or contact me via other means if you prefer.

Closing the deal

Keith August 25th, 2008

Matt Moore and I recently collaborated on an article for Melcrum’s KM Review magazine: Closing the deal with the help of knowledge.

A copy of this is now available for downloading on the Documents page on this site.

Web Content Management

Keith August 22nd, 2008

My next event – I will be speaking at the Marcus Evans 5th Annual Web Content Management Forum in Sydney on Tuesday 2 September, at the Sydney Harbour Marriott.

The title of my presentation is: Improving your knowledge management performance to gain a competitive advantage and developmental process.  As soon as I figure out what that means, I will get my slide pack finished and be ready to deliver it!

But seriously – if you are in Sydney that Monday or Tuesday and would like to catch up, happy to do so.  I expect that I will be having some client meetings while I am there, but I should have some spare time around that, particularly on the Monday evening.  I’ll be staying at the Sydney Harbour Marriott.

The future is Social

Keith August 18th, 2008

“… when you tell people you write, read or listen to blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networks and online video – if they give you a funny look, it is now officially them that’s a freak, not you.”
 - Marshall Kirkpatrick*

Picked up a couple of recent reports from different places.  One was in time to build into last week’s presentation, one not.

Forrester Reports that Corporate Social Networks will Augment Strategic HR Strategies

The reports highlights the use of Social Media for: “… recruiting, alumni programs, mentoring, learning, collaboration, and connecting people…”  It also reminds us that: “Professional networks are the backbone of business”.

Fastest Growing US Companies Rapidly Adopting Social Media

“77% of respondents now report at least some use of a social media tool in their business.”

This post highlights that social media adoption is “skyrocketing” in 500 of the fastest growing companies in the US.

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“Using social media” presentation

Keith August 15th, 2008

So, I delivered the workshop today – to three great participants!  The workshop was: Using social media to harness knowledge within an organisation: Addressing the challenges.  We all had a great time, and a good conversation! 

I have now also registered with SlideShare for the first time, and uploaded a (very slightly modified) version of the slide pack.  Not totally happy with the way it has been rendered, but it seems to be fairly readable.  It is also available for download.  Help yourself! And thanks to those who contributed…

Also had a great conversation with Ian Farmer of Bullseye.  Ian pointed me at a few interesting sites:

  • Free web meetings at Dimdim.
  • Social language learning at Livemocha.  This apparently provides two-way language learning – with real people.
  • How to draw maps using your GPS – and lots of other apps – at Fire Eagle.

Also got a good reference from elsua via Twitter for “Twelve Ways to Sell Social Media to Your Boss – Don’t Forget about Yourself!” This may be of particular interest to this morning’s participants!

Enterprise 2.0 – Day 2.0

Keith August 14th, 2008

A good day today.  Met some good people, and all of the presentations were good. 

Great live Second Life demo from Decka Mah (aka Lindy McKeown) to end the day.  She also introduced us to PicLens – a cool Google plug-in for image viewing.  Second Life is definitely a usable environment for learning, but the interface probably has a way to go yet to be really seamless.  One thing to remember – it really works best as a synchronous learning environment – you have to be there at the right time.  One neat application – a virtual city for immersive language learning.

You’ve heard of blended learning?  Well, with Second Life, you can have “mixed reality”.

Some of us got a Twitter commentary going.  See the tweets here – and a couple of rogue ones here.

Chieftech mentioned this site as a good source for info on RSS for the enterprise – he has also blogged about the day.

Lots of other good stuff, but I really need to make sure I am all ready to present my workshop tomorrow.  A few parting thoughts that caught my attention, (somewhat paraphrased) from various presenters today:

  • “So there are photos of me drunk on Facebook.  So what if a prospective employer sees them? If they don’t like it, then I don’t want to work there, anyway!” Continue Reading »

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