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The conversation continues

Keith February 5th, 2013

“Recent research has shown that conversation is important for improving innovation. It has also been found that conversation improves group and individual performance and knowledge sharing. This article will address some of the principles of innovation and how conversational techniques can be harnessed to improve business outcomes.”

My previous article on The Art of Conversation has now been updated and published as a chapter in the Ark Group report Innovation and Transformation Through Knowledge Management, edited by Evie Serventi. This version is repitched as The innovation conversation. This came along just after I presented on the topic at KM-UK in London in June last year.


Update Aug 2020: It appears that copies of the report are no longer available from Ark Group. Use the link above to download a copy from this site.

Other chapter authors in this report included Dave Snowden, Stephanie Barnes, Debra Amidon and Nick Milton.