Knowledge as an asset

Keith September 3rd, 2008

The slide pack I presented at the Web Content Management Forum in Sydney this week is now available on SlideShare. It’s about Managing knowledge as an asset and building a knowledge transfer toolkit, and includes ownership and currency maintenance.  (Interesting to note that my pack from the last conference has now had 539 views on SlideShare.)

Jonathan Cooper of the Art Gallery of New South Wales was one of the other speakers there yesterday morning.  They are doing some interesting things at myVirtualGallery – and he also introduced a few other interesting web sites:

Something else I picked up from Twitter – see how popular your name has been over the last 100 years (in NSW) at The Baby Names Explorer.  (Interesting to see that my name was ranked number 8 – in the 1920s.  Since then, the popularity of the name dropped to almost zero by 2005, but it is making a slight recovery now.)

2 Responses to “Knowledge as an asset”

  1. Mick Leydenon 08 Sep 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Michael was ranked Number 2 in the 1950s! By the time I was born in the 1980s (yes I am Gen Y!) We had slipped to number 3…. my parents were not overly creative!

  2. Keithon 08 Sep 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Mick -

    Yes, it seems that we get named based on what was popular when our parents were younger – well, that’s my story!

    – Keith.

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