Any noun can be verbed

Keith October 22nd, 2007

“I’m sorry sir, that will have to be cloaked”.

That’s what the doorman told me as I entered the Hamer Hall for my final visit to a school Presentation night. I was encumbered with my daughter Lauren’s schoolbag. This year she is completing Year 12, so this year is our last as parents of school children.

“Cloaked”? It conjures an image of stealth bombers. Or maybe, given the school context, Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. That would have been handy – it would have saved me going back downstairs to find the cloak room, lodging the bag and traipsing back up to Door 9.

Obviously, in the doorman’s world, the meaning of the term was quite clear. And while it wasn’t all that hard for me to figure out, it was just one more example of the importance of context in communication.

“Cloaked” indeed!

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