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The Knowledge Pyramid?

Keith May 23rd, 2007

(A brief breather in between job interviews…)  Following on from the “definition of knowledge” debate on actKM, there has now been discussion of the various “linear models” that relate knowledge to data, information and more.  One of the classics is:

Data – Information – Knowledge – Wisdom

This is also often shown as a pyramid, and there can be more layers – even including “enlightenment”.  The model implies “steps” from somehow inferior states to superior states.

I decided some time ago that I didn’t like the data-info-knowledge-xx hierarchy in any of its various forms.  It just doesn’t seem to me to be really helpful for any practical (or philosophical) purpose. 

I have had less of a problem with data-information as a first step, but I have been interested to learn from Joe Firestone and others on actKM that even my thinking on this one has been strongly influenced by having studied Computer Science.  (Disclaimer – I don’t work in IT any more!)

To me, knowledge by any (useful) definition has a whole range of facets not embodied in data or information – it is qualitatively different, and much more to do with cognitive processes. 

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actKM bloggers

Keith May 22nd, 2007

Nice list of the current active bloggers on actKM, complete with descriptions.  Should be enough reading on the topic there for anyone…

Vacancy now closed

Keith May 21st, 2007

We received a large number of applications for the vacant KM Specialist positions. Thanks to all those that applied! We are still processing applications, and conducting initial interviews. If you have applied, and haven’t heard about progress, thanks for your patience! You will be contacted in the next week.

Opportunity closing this Friday

Keith May 16th, 2007

I am actually now filling two vacancies, all details as mentioned earlier.  However, this opportunity is only available until this Friday 18 May.

The Humpty Dumpty view of Knowledge

Keith May 3rd, 2007

“When I use a word it means exactly what I want it to mean.” 
    – Humpty Dumpty.

There has been further discussion at actKM about the definition of “knowledge”.  One contributor gave this definition: “Knowledge is solutions to problems”.  I disagree with this definition – I see it as too narrow.

This seems to ignore the use of knowledge in creativity and innovation, but it was further stated that these can also be viewed as just a different form of problem resolution.  Joe Firestone stated that “non-routine creative learning is a response to a problem.”  I struggle to accept this point of view.  This is stretching the meaning of “problem” a long way.  I do accept that creativity in the business world may be seen to be more limited than in pure art.  (Is it always?  Should it be?)

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